Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Health Care Debate Debacle

The Health Care Debate Debacle

By: Tom Anderson

Health care reform is not about a public plan, health care reform is about a corrupt system from the top to the bottom which needs to be completely torn down and rethought (It actually only takes a decent person to think 2 minutes, max about what health care at its core should be) and rebuilt*.

*(Regulated strictly at all levels by the government, via laws, and patient feedback to a department of corruption, concerning price and quality of care)

(I have the entire plan worked out just not enough space to write it in this article, it would be about 2 written pages long, very easy for doctors and Americans to all read and understand, period...and would center on the idea that health care is about Doctors...

(People who chose a profession to help, cure people of ailments because they care, not about money but about helping people get better, people with a passion for caring and curing not a passion for MONEY, and yes those in the profession for money would be swiftly weeded out via fines and penalties for inadequate care)

...helping patients

While this may sound like a "monumental" task it really is not. Why do I think it will be easy? Because we, lower and middle class America are going to see this change/revolution through and we will not only get it done faster than the politicians in DC but we will get it done right.

Because, again folks, at the end of the day, "health care" is about a Doctor/nurse, person who cares about the health of others helping those others, patients. That simple. But throw money at something and big corruption follows.

**SIDEBAR: It's odd that doctors are overwhelmingly men**

**One Stereotype about men and interestingly enough a lot of the men you meet
practicing medicine, seem to embody this stereotype, is that many men in life go on a
quest for power, and money...which one can find, unfortunately in health care...I would
rather have a person motivated to help me because that is their job, duty, passion, not
because it will make a payment on their 5000 square foot hollow house.

**((I am a man and yes I am enforcing/creating a stereotype: But men are not generally concerned with curing, compassion for their fellow man, people in pain et cetera, sounds like female traits to me, it's why you see so many female teachers, because they slow down and care...but I digress))

...Yes the insurance companies are corrupt (DUH), but they are also in bed with the corrupt government that runs this country. This is how a broke system overseeing a broke system is watching/causing the deaths of many, many more Americans than ever died on 9-11, each week. The insurance companies are corrupt but so is the government who could/should do something about our ironically hijacked health care system (And hijacked country, more on this later, but you want me to report some terrorist, get me a list of the members of congress).

Now the insurance companies are unfortunately not the only problem they are just the "red heron" topic you hear at the center of all the debates, but greedy, amoral, Big Pharma is also in bed with, conflict of interest, collusion, corrupt, amoral, greedy, Big government.

OK, to recap, Big government is in bed with the insurance companies (Big Money), and they are in bed with Big pharma, and all are, corrupt, have huge conflict of interest, are amoral, greedy and ask your self this about the government, Big pharma, and the insurance providers, BOTTOM LINE...Do they have Americas (The majority that is, the lower and middle class) best interest at heart...

You all know the answer to that. Not no, but heck no. They have their interest, but worse than that they have, greed, money, power and the special interest and lobbyist interest at heart and no other interest whatsoever, much less the interest of the common American.

But getting back to an earlier point you cannot fix the insurance problem and think that will do anything, you cannot regulate Big Pharma, and think that will do anything, you have to tear down the entire system (Easy for me, you, US working together, America, for the better good, for the people, by the people, sound familiar)

But relying on DC to tear down this corrupt system and rebuild it...(It would take me a month max, start to finish, All Americans provided any and all health care they need, for life, and the highest quality health care, and medications, based on, do you have a social security number, then you are entitled...)

Go to a hospital, doctors office, and if you have a social then you are entitled, period.

Could be done America, could be so easy, you and me we have dead lines at our jobs. This has to be done by the end of the day, right. Where are the dead lines in DC, while innocent Americans are murdered, and yes it is murder to watch people who could live full healthy lives die, because they cannot afford the high cost of health care, that's murder.

We can fix this America, you me, we, us, we just have to take our country back, for the people by the people, not for the lobbies, special interest, by the lobbies special interest.

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